About Garnut Guitars

I am the luthier and only employee of Garnut Guitars. I am retired from a lifelong occupation as a computer scientist. I am still a Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at the University of Colorado.

I have had an interest in acoustic guitars since the early 1960s (I still have a Guild jumbo 12-string that I bought in about 1967). There have been many years since the 1960s when I had little/no time for guitars and musics, but that changed in the late 1990s when my wife bought a Martin HD-28 as a present for me. I resumed playing regularly at that time. In 2003 I bought an old Martin that had a bad overspray job. I decided to work on the old Martin with some simple repairs, and slowly removed much of the overspray. My interest in lutherie followed that experience; in 2004 my first guitar was a StewMac 000 kit, and my second guitar was a Gibson-style Jumbo built from scratch.

I have built about 40 acoustic guitars since 2004 see the gallery . Now I see myself building at least a few guitars in the coming years, but primarily for the pleasure of building (as opposed to building to sell). Even though I do not intend to actively market any guitars, I will always have a few Garnut Guitars around (see my builder's collection), and I will always consider offers to buy any of them.

Thanks for your interest, and I hope you enjoy your visit to my web site,
Gary Nutt

Boulder, Colorado

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