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New, Shopworn, and Used Guitars

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Here are a few shopworn and used Garnut Guitars (and here are all of the builder's Garnut Guitars). If you see something you like in either web page, please inquire at

Do you lust after Brazilian or Madagascar rosewood back&side sets?
If you would like to obtain one or more of these sets, but you do not want to spend the cash, I will consider what you have to trade, e.g, a great guitar (perhaps one you built or you own), a vintage instrument, electronics, collectables, etc. If you have a proposal, please contact me at

Back and Side Sets

Sizes of materials are approximate. Click on the image to see an enlarged view of the set. All sets that appear on this page are currently available.

Brazilian Rosewood Sets

Brazilian rosewood (dalbergia nigra) was used to build the finest guitars since the 1800s; Martin guitars of Style 21 and above were built with Brazilian rosewood until 1969. In 1992 an international group, CITES, identified Brazilian rosewood as an endangered species, and recommended restricting its importation/exportation; most countries honor the restriction, thereby severely reducing the amount of available Brazilian rosewood. As a result, Brazilian rosewood used for guitars today was likely either exported from Brazil before 1992, or it was salvaged (meaning it is not subject to the export restriction). Some of these sets are from pre-CITES sources and others are from salvage sources, e.g. tree stumps, logs reclaimed from the bottom of rivers, reclaimed building lumber, etc. We acquired all of these Brazilian sets between 2004 and 2010, and since careful documentation of the wood's history was not actively required by the government until about 2014, we have only limited documentation addressing the wood's source.

D set (8 1/2" x 21 3/4"
Sides presanded to 0.090")
Price: $1200

D set (8 1/4" x 22 7/8")
Sides presanded to 0.085")
Price: $750

D set (8" x 21")
Price: $750

(Possible D)/000 set (7 3/4" x 22"
Sides presanded to 0.100")
Price: $975

(Possible D)/000 set (7 3/4" x 23")
Price: $725

OM/000 set (7 9/16 x 20 1/16")
Price: See eBay Auction

OM/000 set (7 3/4" x 21")
Price: $675

00 set (7 1/16" x 21 3/4")
Price: See eBay Auction

Madagascar Rosewood Sets

"Madagascar rosewood" may refer to any one of many different species of dalbergia (or "true" rosewood). Today, Madagascar rosewood is often regarded as one of the top substitutes for Brazilian rosewood, and it is highly valued. Madagascar rosewood guitars are highly respected for their tonal qualities, as well as their beauty. Like all rosewoods, it is protected by CITES (Appendix II).

D set (8 3/8" x 24 1/4"
Price: $500

D set (8 3/4" x 24 3/4"
Price: $500

D/Jumbo set (9" x 24")
Price: $525


  • Mahogany Block, each block will make 2 necks.
    • 31" x 3.25" x 3.25", mahogany. $85

Purfling and Backstrips

Fine Herringbone, 34" x 0.130" x 0.060". $4 ea.
(Also use for backstrip on pre war Style 21 guitars)

D-28 Checker, 21" x 0.165" x 0.100". $5 ea.


Boulder, Colorado

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